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Bildung in Zahlen – Education by Numbers


Data Inventory

As part of the Bildung in Zahlen project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, long-term statistical series on the development of cantonal school structures in Switzerland in the 19th and 20th centuries have been generated, commented on and contextualised since September 2010.

Currently, data are available on pre-school, compulsory school, secondary school and higher education. An inventory is currently being compiled of data on vocational education and training in the social, paramedical, commercial, industrial, handicraft and agricultural sectors as well as on vocational guidance.

The statistical long-term series provide a data basis for empirical-quantitative analysis of changes in the education system in Switzerland. The source comments contain additional information on the sources that were used to compile the long-term statistical series. The graphs contain information on the duration of school types, the necessary prior education and training, as well as on connection possibilities and their changes. This allows the statistical data to be placed in the historical context of the respective education system. The chronicles contain information both on normative changes in cantonal education systems and on their implementation.

The long-term series are available for download currently as MS Excel files, the source comments, the graphs, the chronicles and the short biographies as PDF files, both via the data browser and via Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz / History of Education Switzerland.

Bildung in Zahlen on Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz / History of Education Switzerland

Within the SNSF project "Bildung in Zahlen", the knowledge portal Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz / History of Education Switzerland was being developed. This portal will make all digitally accessible sources and data on the history of education, which are spread across different platforms and repositories, searchable via a search function. The entire data inventory of "Bildung in Zahlen" is represented on Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz / History of Education Switzerland.

Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz was developed in cooperation with Eurospider Information Technology and and is frequently being updated.

New database infrastructure to enable advanced queries

The data browser is currently being reworked in cooperation with the Data and Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH). The aim is to create a new infrastructure that will enable more fine-grained queries tailored to the needs of different users. While the statistical data is currently stored in more than 1300 tables, this data will be more flexibly accessible, so that, for example, individualised data sets can be exported. At the same time, long-term preservation and access to the data will be guaranteed with the new infrastructure, since the data will be stored on the DaSCH platform.

Bildung in Zahlen – who?

Project lead

Prof. Dr. Lucien Criblez

Project members

Susanne Gebauer (2010-2013), Lea Hägi (2021-), Stefan Kessler (2019-), Tamara Lehner-Loosli (2019-2020), Nathalie Pfiffner (2020-), Dr. Thomas Ruoss (2010-2018), Dr. Christina Rothen (2014-2019)

Student assistants

Jeannine Erb (2020-), Lars Heinzer (2017-), Jennifer Mazzarella (2020-), Raffaela de Vries (2018-), Carmen Flury (2014-2019) Anja Giudici (2010-2013), Tamara Lehner-Loosli (2017-2019), Nicole Merz (2010-2013), Mirjam Probst (2010-2013), Miriam Sibilia (2010-2013), Lara Ullmann (2014-2017)